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8bit x Prime Video

Throwback to a super fun Campaign with Amazon Prime for The Family Man Season 1 and of course our stars SouL Viper & 8bit Thug!
The campaign started with a meeting, followed by a shoot with the protagonist Srikant Tiwari played by the exceptional actor Mr. Manoj Bajpayee. We then played a super fantastic game of PUBGM with him (he was exceptionally good in that also 😉)! The game was full of fun and thrill. Our campaign continued for an entire week where we displayed the logo of The Family Man on all our live streams!
Meeting Manoj Sir was a very overwhelming moment as he is such a humble and warm person.

8bit x Mamaearth

Regarding the super fun ongoing partnership with Mamaearth, as the products were of daily use so vlogging seems to be an effective way to integrate brands like Mamaearth. Viewers love to see the daily routines of our creators hence vlogging turned out to be an amazing engagement for us. Distribution of the coupon codes made it possible for the audience to avail certain discounts on the products.
The ongoing partnership of Mamaearth with us completed a year and is still growing strong. Our vibes matched Mamaearth’s policy of linking every order to a tree and that’s when we thought to hold and grow to contribute more to this blessed deed with the help of our esteemed audience.

8bit x realme

Fun it was to see our creators unbox the Realme Narzo 30 5G. All our creators attempted new and exciting ways to make the unboxing look engaging. Unboxing videos were uploaded on the creator’s YT channels respectively.
Later, creators were invited to BGMI’s exhibition tournament hosted by Realme. In the tournament, the teams of our creators along with 8 other teams will battle to win the newly launched Realme Narzo 30 5G. All creators were asked to stream their POV of the tournament. The event was very fun and the creators showcased their gameplay very well. At the event, there were rewards for viewers too. Lucky winners were rewarded with Realme Narzo 30 5G. It has always been a pleasure to watch our creators performing so well.

8bit x iQOO

This was an interesting campaign with some of our beloved creators. The launch of iQOO 7, as a dual-chip monster device, was made very challenging and enjoyable by our creators.
A dual-performer ability scenario was set up along with a filter game on Instagram. Our creators welcomed their audience to share their dual-performing ability and asked them to try their hands on the #DriveMonster AR filter game. In that filter game, they asked the audience to beat their scores. The campaign was very fun, both our creators and audience loved it. The idea of the filter game was very unique & Interesting.

8bit x Airtel

This was something new, exciting, and interesting for our creators. Experiencing the Cloud Gaming concept on Airtel 5G seems to be real. Airtel invited our creators to their head network office in Manesar where they demonstrated cloud gaming with Airtel 5G. The cloud space was owned by Airtel and the demonstration was successful with the help of our gamers/creators titled best in the country.
The campaign came out as an official advertisement video featuring our creators playing & implementing the successful demonstration of the Cloud Gaming network on Airtel 5G. They played games and experienced something new and interesting which might flip the gaming woos in near future.

8bit x Winzo

It was for the audience to know about the gaming app, Winzo where they can play free customs of their favourite game BGMI and win some exciting prizes. There are other games too but to be precise and to match the forte of our creators we talked about them.
The campaign was to let viewers know about Winzo through the highlight videos of our creators. Our creators in their videos, brought Winzo into the limelight at the start, pausing the ongoing highlight video. Making the part that ‘you can win prizes while playing your favourite game’ deliver was an interesting factor for the audience in this campaign.

8bit x IQOO

This was before the launch of a beast device in the budget segment, IQOO Z6. A gaming device for the ones who look for better performance.
The campaign was to post a story informing the audience about the upcoming launch event of IQOO Z6 along with their chance of winning a brand new IQOO Z6. The campaign was fun, the creators posted stories on their Instagram handles. The audience followed the cues and the lucky winners got the chance of winning a flagship budget smartphone, the fastest in its segment, IQOO Z6.

8bit x Airtel

Another exciting event for our creators and this time it came with a lot of surprises. Airtel India invited our creators to their Manesar HQ for some fun and unique experience at the Airtel 5G launch.
Our creators were welcomed with a fun treasure hunt-type activity as a memento of the event. Later they were called to experience the legendary knock of Sir Kapil Dev, recreated by Airtel with the help of 5G. The inning that was not recorded, got recreated by Airtel and an amazing viewing experience was offered to everyone. And Sir Kapil Dev came to meet all in Hologram, the first-ever in India powered by Airtel 5G, and everyone was shocked to see it. Later they got the chance to meet the legend himself.
All along was a fun day of experiencing 5G at the launch, and getting to know that this is going to bring a lot of change in the world of the internet. Brand’s call to our creators was to Vlog the event and everything turned out to be well as there was a lot to see, experience, and gain.

8bit x Monster Energy

Monster Energy, leaders in both the beverage and esports industries, asked our creators to become the brand's "Esports Athlete".
The company is confident that this alliance will increase its visibility among the esports community. Monster demonstrated a desire to succeed in the Indian esports market by securing the top creators. This campaign involved Mortal, Scout, and Thug. As a part of the campaign the creators received a Monster Energy refrigerator, and that's displayed on streams.

8bit x Oneplus

OnePlus is a series of Android-based smartphones developed by OnePlus.The high resolution devices from OnePlus were ideal for gaming.
OnePlus devices were used to stream PUBG mobile by our creators, and the overlays featured the OnePlus logo. The campaign run by our creators helped OnePlus reach its target to dominate India's gaming gadget market, and was among the first brands to do so. After a fantastic delivery by our creators, the contract was renewed for a second time and ran for over a year. This campaign involved 3 creators including Viper, Thug, Mortal.

8bit x Cadbury

The goal of the campaign was to incorporate Cadbury's product, Cadbury fuse into gaming and to also provide aspiring creators/streamers the opportunity to make Cadbury fuse advertisements by following particular instructions. This led to hundreds of User Generated Content for the brand and the streamers and creators got a chance to earn upto 5K each.
This audience-driven campaign brought people together for a fun activity that our creators carried out by eating Cadbury Fuse while gaming.

8bit x Coca-Cola

A great campaign always presents our creators with a great challenge, and this time they had the opportunity to join CocaCola on a true magic code quest or code hunt.
The goal of the campaign was to dig down secret codes from the actual magic movie about gamers and gaming. Our creators competed against one another in this, and they produced a video demonstrating how quick and concentrated you must be to find the codes. This led to thousands of people accepting the challenge of deciphering the codes and winning thrilling rewards. The official Instagram account of Coca-Cola had a link to the video in its bio.

8bit x Netflix

Three collaborations between the creator and Netflix were conducted. First was the 'Spiciest Chicken Dinner Challenge' with the host of the Netflix India YT channel programme "Menu Please." The host engaged in a lively discussion, put his knowledge of the game BGMI to the test, and accepted the challenge of devouring the spicier chicken.
The other two collaborations involved making reaction videos in which the author was required to respond to specific parts from a Netflix-exclusive film or television show. He did a good job of the challenge and came up with relatable responses, which made the video interesting for our audience. This campaign involved Mortal.

8bit x Tacobell

Fast food restaurant business Taco Bell is a world famous food chain that sells mexican delicacies. We were approached to help promote Taco Bell among Indian gamers.
Taco Bell was running a campaign for gamers, which we had to create awareness about. The goal of the campaign was to inform the public that Taco Bell is giving away a PC copy of Age of Empires: IV to those who take the specified actions. This campaign involved Snax, and the brand saw superb results from it.

8bit x Gillette

American company Procter & Gamble owns the Gillette brand of safety razors and other personal care items, such as shaving equipment (P&G).
The goal of the campaign was to prepare the game face for the battlefields. The short Gillette commercial video included our creators. Additionally, Gillette provided an airdrop to our creators so they could vlog or live stream the product's unboxing. This campaign involved Mortal, Snax, Mamba and Scout. The commercial saw a great response and engagement.

8bit x Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited (ABSLI) is a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital Ltd (ABCL). It is one of the leading private sector life insurance companies in India. ABSLI was incorporated on August 4th, 2000 and commenced operations on January 17th, 2001.
The brand approached us with the noble thought of spreading the word of #Jumpforhealth. The campaign was to make our audience aware of how we need to get back on our feet together to jump as it is good for us and for every 10,000 jumps we can help someone walk. Our creators joined hands for this social cause.

8bit x Microsoft

Microsoft is an American multinational technology corporation that produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services.
The brand approached us for the promotion of Microsoft windows 11 coming up with the Asus TUF laptop. The brand’s ask was to integrate Microsoft Windows 11 coupled with Asus TUF F15 works best in terms of multi-tasking and heavy usage.
Our creators lended credibility to the product and the campaign was a success.